Green River Magazine

The Green River Magazine is a follow-up project to The Green River Newspaper. These two publication projects were made in collaboration with Sincerely Interested (Sarah Baugh and Nicole Lavelle) and the residents of Green River, Utah. Green River has a long history of industry-oriented booms and busts—railroad, uranium, Air Force missiles, Interstate-70, melon farming—and its acute sense of self is palpable. These publications gather fragments of nuance specific to Green River for a dual audience—the people of Green River and its neighboring towns, and the wider public interested in issues of the American West. These publication projects aimed to produce a portrait of place, via text and image narratives created with, by, and about town residents.

The Green River Magazine contains contributions from local residents of all ages, as well as members from Epicenter’s network of Frontier Fellows and other visitors for whom Green River has become a source of interest. The magazine is a collection of articles, photographs, interviews, visual art, fiction, archival content, and more. Together the pieces examine the past, present, and future of this place, creating a portrait of a small western desert town in the twenty-first century.