THE Frontier Fellowship

The Frontier Fellowship provides creative professionals the opportunity to live and work with Epicenter in Green River, Utah (pop. 952), for two to eight weeks. From this rural place and in the context of the frontier, Fellows generate new work that is informed by the residents of Green River and the surrounding desert landscape. Epicenter, a design studio instigating positive change through community-based projects and programs, facilitates Fellowships throughout the year. Epicenter encourages applications regardless of applicant’s background, focus, or specialty. The Fellowship is open to artists, chefs, designers, explorers, folklorists, geologists, musicians, and more. Epicenter has hosted over 50 artists and collaboratives through the Frontier Fellowship.


Epicenter is a non-profit organization operated by eight young professionals located in a historic building in downtown Green River. It houses an office space, a basement workroom, and a workshop stocked with tools. While in residence, Fellows spend half of their time working on personal projects and half of their time on a community-based project that aligns with the Fellow’s practice. Fellows are given access to Epicenter’s vast network of partners, an extensive array of tools (if applicable), and workspace within the office and workshops. Off-site housing is provided and requires a $250 fee. Travel, living, and materials stipends are available on a limited basis and details are provided after acceptance.

Green River, UTah

The City of Green River was founded in 1876. Amid John Wayne’s West and Edward Abbey’s desert wilderness, Green River is the only town of consequence for 50-100 miles in all directions and only place to cross the Green River in the state. It has been a welcome sight to pioneers, cattlemen, and modern travelers alike. Today, Green River is home to working-class residents who embrace the town’s natural beauty and geographic isolation as a way of life.

Green River is known for its melons, cold water geyser, river history, and for being a true crossroads of the American West. Both the Old Spanish Trail and the Outlaw Trail once came through Green River, and these days Green River is served by the river itself, Highway 6, Interstate 70, Amtrak (the California Zephyr line), and Greyhound.

The town of Green River straddles the river with the Book Cliffs to the north, the San Rafael Swell to the west, and endless canyons to the south. The nearest towns are Moab (a mountain biking tourist haven, pop. 5,100) and Price (a mining and college town, pop. 8,700) to the south and north respectively.

Though Green River doesn’t have many artists or an “arts district,” this place is not a cultural desert. When you’re Epicenter’s Frontier Fellow, you are the town artist even if just for a short time